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Carpenter’s Workshop

Lamu, Kenya, 1990

I came across this A4 sketchbook lately, they’re charcoal sketches that I made on the island of Lamu when I spent a few months there in 1990.

Some people that I met worked in a carpenter’s workshop in Lamu Town and I stopped by one afternoon. I didn’t do a of lot drawing on that trip, my main project was Stop Frame Animation. So this sketchbook could be the only observational drawing that I did at that time

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Cairo to Kenya, overland through East Africa 1983.

For some forgotten reason I had a couple of sketchbooks with me but no camera, possibly because I didn’t own a camera at the time.

I flew to Cairo from Athens and made my way south through Egypt, Sudan, Zaire, Uganda to Kenya and the coast. It took about 3 months. I flew home from Nairobi. It was a fantastic trip and I’m really glad I did a few drawings along the way.

Cairo was a complete culture shock for a young lad from the suburbs of Nottingham.

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