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National Gallery

Ive made drawings from the paintings at the National Gallery before, but on this visit I wanted to add some context by including the gallery space, the gallery assistants and visitors to the gallery. This approach also gave me the opportunity to look at the relationships between paintings hung side by side.

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Train Self-Portraits

Traveling by train in the evening can be dull when it’s too dark to watch the world go by outside. So, I’ve been killing time on those evening journeys making self-portraits from my reflection in the carriage window.

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Carpenter’s Workshop

Lamu, Kenya, 1990

I came across this A4 sketchbook lately, they’re charcoal sketches that I made on the island of Lamu when I spent a few months there in 1990.

Some people that I met worked in a carpenter’s workshop in Lamu Town and I stopped by one afternoon. I didn’t do a of lot drawing on that trip, my main project was Stop Frame Animation. So this sketchbook could be the only observational drawing that I did at that time

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